This winter, not having enough to do between studying and working in the countryside, I designed a flowerbed mainly dedicated to bulbs.
Having decided to build it around Gandhi the plane tree (my plane tree is a pacifist, nothing to do with the Hogwarts one) I used the trunk as the pivot to trace the circle with a rod tied at the end of a string.
Dad has outlined the perimeter of the flowerbed arranging stones as a semicircle, stacking up to about half a meter (1 ft 8 in) at the highest point and then decreasing them to soil level linearly.
We have accumulated leaves, ashes and earth mixed with manure to form the embankment of the flower which, as it was realized the retaining wall, is declined.
Settled the soil I focused on planting the bulbs!
I was back from Amsterdam with fifty tulip bulbs (the idea comes from this purchase), in the winter I bought more flowers: freesias, ornamental garlic, lilies, daffodils, snowdrops, muscari, hyacinths, crocus… and I could count on a almost endless supply of iris from the garden.

I tried to arrange the bulbs so that once bloomed all the flowers are visible: close to the trunk, in the center of the circle, the highest flowers such as iris, garlic and lilies.

In the middle, always with the help of the string compass, two concentric circles of tulips alternating with daffodils; outside the lowest flowers. 
Then the seed of other flowers was sown broadcast and I drew another circle, internal to those of tulips and daffodils, of dwarf sunflower seeds.

First snowdrop
Unfortunately it was very late to plant the bulbs so the result is not the best now, but I am confident that by next spring the flowerbed will get better.

The flowerbed is beginning to take shape (Yuki in the background)

But the work is not finished!

I want to turn up the wall to a second round of stones and I'm waiting for all the flowers appear to transplant ferns, primroses and violets from another flowerbed that I'll dismantle for his unfortunate position.

Do you like the project? Have you also devoted a zone to the bulbous ones or would you like to do it? Any suggestion is welcome!

"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need." (Cicero)

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